Dr. X "Needles" Accupuncture

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Dr. X "Needles" Accupuncture

Postby Shelly King » Wed Dec 22, 1999 6:41 pm

First of all let me say, I love when everyone in the office is on vacation, it's so quiet and no one is bothering me to do any work. Also, to everyone's relief, after today I won't be back to the forums.....until January 3. You're not getting off that easily.

OK, on with the show.

This is picked up form the "summer camp" thread of Dr. X. Allen has most innocently requested our dear doctor's opinion of accupuncture. so for now I'll turn the floor over to him and save my views on it until after he's done.


Please go to Bill Glasheen's forum to continue this thread. Thanks. GEM

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Shelly King

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