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Postby Bill B. » Fri Mar 02, 2001 4:35 am

Lots of folks have been asking about our new house and what's happening. Well we moved in Jan. 3. We have been unpacking ever since and I really don't know when our vehicles will see the inside of the garage. It's loaded!! Near 40 years of accumulation at our old place. I have thrown away, given away and sold tons of stuff and guess what, it hasn't even made a hole. lol. The house really came out great and we are very happy with that. "My" room is amost finished. Carpet comes Monday, electrician finishes up Tuesday and MY NEW POOL TABLE GETS DELIVERED AND SET UP THURSDAY!!!! Now you know why I have the grin on my face. My wife is busy getting the curtains, carpets, some furniture etc etc, you know the women things. She's happy. I haven't had time to miss the marina and such. When it warms up and the boating and fishing stuff starts, I will be over there helping the new owner, this will be his second season. He even bought my boat. We built this house just around the corner, a two minute walk. Monday I was in Boston for a load of test. They will be calling me with results as they become available. The bone scans and density test will take about 3 weeks to read. They compare each bone with the last test. The last one showed new places, spine, skull right rib cage, sternum and upper leg bone. I think this time it will show nothing new!! Looking forward to warmer weather, it's almost golf time and I have to get out there to give George a decent game. Anyway, George gives me hell for not posting how I am doing, so here it is. I feel good, doing good AND have been trying two hearing aids for the last two weeks. Sometimes I can hear now. lol. Just kidding. My eye implant replacements has to wait, have had some blood pressure problems. All this stuff, hearing problems, cataracts, etc etc, has been caused by the treatment. Really!! I read an excellant article, it said that chemo causes memory loss!!! Thank God! Now I have a legit excuse. Take Care All.
Bill B.

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