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Postby Van Canna » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:35 pm

Interesting article.
Stay free, Stay armed….

I like the quiet professional approach to work and to being a citizen. I encourage conservative Americans to continue to quietly arm themselves and stay prepared. The Liberal media refuses to acknowledge or report that President Obama has been the best gun salesman in the history of our country. Gun and ammunition manufacturers cannot keep up. I think it is all telling in what Americans believe is coming.

Should we get hit with another natural or manmade disaster, one segment of American will be armed and prepared and the others will not. Along with purchasing firearms, learn how to use them and keep them clean and serviceable. Learn how to do basic first aid to treat yourself, your family or other good guys. Learn how to efficiently use that tool you have purchased. Finally learn how to prepare your neighborhood from criminal threats.

Reference our country's path, two key trip wires should send up flares. One is gun control or confiscation. The other is limiting communications. As long as Americans have guns, they will remain free. Any attempt to disarm America would get ugly.

As for our nation's communications system, it has partially been compromised by the media. The media's lack of conviction and biased reporting tends to sway the weak minded and ignorant. When a media outlet goes for one candidate over the other and does this publicly, they lose their sense of balance and this is dangerous. This means they will report heavily one way in support of their candidate or belief system and ignore many important facts and events.

I am really not too worried about the government taking guns as that would start an armed revolt that would get our country back on track in short order.

Again, liberals and their media will never report that President Obama has been the best gun salesman in the history of our nation. Gun and ammo manufactures cannot keep up with the demand. I think this is outstanding. Should the liberals of the world ever try and disarm Americans, it will be a short and one-sided fight…..
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