The adrenaline factor

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The adrenaline factor

Postby Van Canna » Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:18 am

On the initial onslaught, when the battle broke out, the firefight took all of a minute to a minute and a half. USVet said it seemed like an hour. There was a time warp. The Americans moved forward on the Iraqis. USVet didn't like the 3-shot burst, so he kept his rifle on 1-shot semi-auto.

USVet shot the first BG at about 30 feet away, moving forward as he shot. He said the adrenaline dump was so severe that he emptied the first 15 rounds of his 30-round mag into BG #1.

BG#2 came out at him to his left, even closer than the first BG. USVet dumped the entire remaining 15 rounds of his mag into BG#2, and the mag ran dry.

USVet was upon BG#3 right afterward. BG#3 popped up within about 3-5 feet away. USVet was trying to reload, but because of the adrenaline dump, he could not manipulate the button on the M16 and he could not eject the empty mag. (He is a large man, and I wonder if his large hand/finger got in the way of this). When I asked USVet if it would have been easier to manipulate the mag eject on an M1A he said, yes, it might have been easier to do a reload with the M1A. He emphasized that gross motor skills took over in this situation. And he reiterated a couple times just how severe the adrenaline dump was.

So USVet was on empty, with BG#3 literally right in his face. USVet gave up on the thought of reloading and used the butt of his M16 as a club, bashing BG#3 upside the head. BG#3 went down. I didn't ask USVet what he did to BG#3 after he went down, and he didn't say. I assume either he continued beating on him, or someone else shot him.

After that, the fight was over, and there was no further resistance. That was the only battle he was in.
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