Hammered to death in Brockton

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Hammered to death in Brockton

Postby Van Canna » Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:55 pm


BROCKTON — Lee Harmon riding his touring bike was a familiar sight in the working-class neighborhood. The retired educator, who turned 74 on Monday, would pedal around town, picking up discarded aluminum cans that he would return for cash, which he donated to the homeless. A father and a grandfather, he would cycle anywhere in town to help friends and family in need, and always refused when anyone offered him a ride.

On Tuesday night, Harmon grabbed his bike and headed a couple of miles south to clean his disabled daughter’s apartment. He never made it there. A man found Harmon with a gaping wound on the back of his head, lying on bloodstained asphalt littered with crumpled religious pamphlets that he carried with him. Harmon died from the wound, which reportedly was caused by a blow from a hammer
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