Another fight after a football game

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Another fight after a football game

Postby hthom » Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:20 pm ... latestnews

First of all, no offense to all the nice football fans out there and all those real book-studying students with the football scholarships. But----

I don't know what is it with some of those people.

This stabbing event could be (just could be) for valid self defense reasons but, fighting after a football game seems to be common place everywhere and for me, it is ridiculous!

I just don't understand why people take sports to such extremes. There seems to be tons (no pun intended) of ball players with near-zero IQ and can't do schlit except playing balls but get free passes on just about everything in life; multi-million dollar contracts if picked; working folks willing to pay hundreds or thousands dollars to watch a game and go nuts during a game as though life depends on it; and not to mention all those beautiful women marrying ball players for god know why (yes I am naïve).

OK, I got a little carried away here. This is a peaceful utopian society where playing sports is about being part of a civilized culture. I forgot that we are protecting butterflies in San Francisco and the little 3-legged lizards deep in the far end of the Amazon jungle. I can understand all that if I really try. But fighting and injuring someone during or after a game because the person is a fan of the opposing team? Don't they have other problems in life to worry about? I have too many. Off the subject a bit but I have paid and am paying too da^n much tax to subsidize some of those things.

If people on the other team are "enemies" and if people wearing the opposing team's color are to be physically attacked and beaten, no wonder we have mayhems and killings all over the place and people hating each other for any reason they can think of. (Can those people even really "think"?)

I kind of recall that the collapse of ancient Rome had something to do with people went nuts over the gladiator fights (the football games of their days) and cared little else? Or was it Emperor Caesar Whatshisname intentionally made gladiator fights such big events to divert attention from the collapsing empire? I love this country too much to think of that stuff.

Let me get back on track to "self defense" related matter. Several people were knifed this time. I don't know who the instigators or bad guys were at this point but, I know that many people do carry a blade (sorry, tool knife) though. What if one of us "good guys" were attacked by thugs after a football game and had to pull out the knife to defend himself from the tire iron cracking his skull? OK, say the thugs were stabbed due to self defense but just so happened out of security camera range and no witnesses volunteer to say a word. Now what? The cops came and this "good guy" gets thrown in jail and got accused of everything because he was the one unhurt, right? He knifed someone therefore he is the bad guy right? How much time and how much money would it take to clear himself if he ever could?

Yes I know but I am kind of tired of the words "avoidance" and "aware of surrounding" being spouted all the time. They are good advices but taking those word far enough and you just have to stay home all the time, with your windows and doors locked.
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