The Adaptability of Uechi Ryu

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The Adaptability of Uechi Ryu

Postby Rick Wilson » Fri Jul 21, 2017 3:53 pm

The Adaptability of Uechi Ryu

On the Thread “Self Defence is a very broad topic” both Van and I commented on the adaptability of Uechi Ryu and rather than divert that thread I thought I would share a story here.

This is from my memory so it will be as close as I can get.

Many years ago, I had a young lady student (who trained from a child and reached adult black belt).

I think when she was green or brown belt she had been going to an open tournament with a friend for a few years. She was talking to me one day and lamented that she wished Uechi had weapons so she do enter the weapons forms division as well. She'd done well in the other divisions.

I told her that was an easy fix and I handed her two very nice metal training knives. I told her to just do Seichin. She had a lovely Seichin and it looked even nicer and deadlier with a knife in each of her hands.

I told her to ask the tournament if she could do that.

She spoke to the tournament managers and said that while her style didn’t formally have weapons her teacher had her doing one of the forms with two knives and would that be accepted. They told her that as long as it was a form in our system and could be repeated (not an improvised form) then yes.

Turns out that after years of competing in the weapons division without winning a metal her friend was a little jealous that her first time she took bronze.

Uechi is very adaptable. :D
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Re: The Adaptability of Uechi Ryu

Postby Van Canna » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:51 pm

I smile because when I ran the Uechi competition team in the Boston Mattson Academy_ I learned and trained and taught the fighting team some of the better kicks from other systems that were scoring the majority of points.

And no problems with Uechi guys could do the best of the TKD kicks.

Several more students cross trained with Bill Wallace, and no problems with Uechi adapting to those 'rifle shots' of kicks.

The problems of the quitters is that they don't give the system a chance to educate the neural pathways.

I also think that in some quitters there is some psychological hurdle to overcome.

I say this because when this particular individual of neophyte the Chicago World tournament...after a mere less than 2 years training and never having entered any other tournaments, was soaking his foot spitting vitriol at George and Uechi_ he got a phone call from his wife saying that she had fallen down a flight of stairs and gotten a sprained back.

So now, this person, a nice guy but not put well together emotionally_ began spewing additional blame at George, claiming that it was all his fault...that he had separated him from his wife to attend the Chicago tourney, and the sadness of the separation had been the cause of his wife's fall.

Then after he returned from several months in Japan as a shodan ??

He kept coming over my house to show me how certain kicks should be done the Shotokan way....could not get rid of him...oh man he thought he was a one man 'panzer division'...but would not enter any open tournaments because he was too deadly.

And that's only one story of the drop outs. It really gets comical...

Another dick-head kept asserting superiority because he had quit Uechi but was now training 'Pangainoon'

And then we say karate builds character....

more like it attracts 'characters'
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