Knife Defence Tip #2 The CBI is NOT Jamming with an X-Block

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Knife Defence Tip #2 The CBI is NOT Jamming with an X-Block

Postby Rick Wilson » Fri May 18, 2018 12:29 am

Knife Defence Tip #2 – The CBI is NOT an X-Block (when done as a jamming technique)

This clip is intended for those people who have bought my knife defence book: “Watch Out For The Pointy End.” If you have not bought and read the book this may not mean anything for you and it will be out of context. If you have the book, then this should emphasize an important point. More clips to come.

The CBI must be done as you rotate (see Knife Tip #1). It is not to be used as many use an X-block – to clash and jam the attack.
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Re: Knife Defence Tip #2 The CBI is NOT Jamming with an X-Bl

Postby Van Canna » Fri May 18, 2018 3:24 am

Good points Rick. A problem we see often in Uechi Ryu is that a teacher wants a student to 'stand his ground' and perform blocks/any blocks...with one arm instead of using two...reason given 'that's how you develop a strong block'

also you will see many teachers who disdain moving off line, wanting you to deal with all attacks head on for the most part. That looks good in the dojo...against cooperative partners, maybe same size or smaller, whereas in the street, while being set upon by someone bigger, stronger and faster, the student will be cut in two.

Some people will just be too big and too strong/with arms twice your size/and at least twice as strong as you are. You will never be able to 'block' any of their kicks or punches thrown with the intent of killing you...and even going into the 'eye of the storm' thinking you will redirect and disable...will end in a suicide mission/Yours.

And when the bigger/stronger/assailant comes at them with any weapon, they get cut in four.

I say this because I run into this idiocy quite often on some dojo floor.
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