Is Uechi Good For Self Defense?

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Is Uechi Good For Self Defense?

Postby trose » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:31 pm

I get this question all the time. Is Uechi-ryu good for self defense. Is karate better than MMA?
Is "*******" better than "**********" for self defense
and all the permutations of that question. Scratch 'self-defense' and insert 'fighting'. How do
you learn to fight? Although this questions can be answered in a myriad of ways let's start
with the proposed question about styles or systems. First off if you want to learn to fight
then you must work with a fighter. The analogy is that of wanting to be a surgeon. If you
want to be a surgeon you learn the base skills in medical school. After medical school you
still haven't learned to be a surgeon. For that you train with a surgeon in your internship.
Same with fighting. You learn the skills you need at a dojo (school) that teaches those skills.
As an aspiring surgeon you wouldn't go to Berkeley School of Music although that is an excellent
school. Next you would find the best surgical residency and work your ass off under the best
surgeon you can find. Even then many surgical students find that surgery in not for them!
If you want to learn to fight then you must go to a school that teaches the base skills and then
you must work with people who train fighters and then you must work your ass off!!
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Re: Is Uechi Good For Self Defense?

Postby Van Canna » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:13 pm

Good points Tracey and I agree.

The thing about a street fight anywhere with anyone, is that it literally can go both ways almost in every single case, especially when weapons are introduced…or if you just happen to come up against a habitual violent experienced street fighter, much bigger, stronger and meaner. I have given many examples of such cases here on the forum.

But you are correct when you state that... bottom line... it has not as much to do with the style and the moves of the style but with the performance abilities of an individual of any techniques he may have learned to use effectively in actual force on force applications.

As much as a teacher likes to instill ‘confidence’ in a student…he should always admonish him that any self defense skills he may develop will always remain marginal in the real world of street violence dynamics…something that Rory Miller is so good at pointing out in his wonderful books.

The case I handled of the tournament karate champion brutally killed by the gang banger, can be a real sobering jolt to any illusions we may harbor from a few sanchins on the floor.
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