Trying to locate a Dojo/Sensei

Locate a teacher or instructor in your area. Also a forum for posting information about your new or unpublicized dojo.

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Trying to locate a Dojo/Sensei

Postby ssesen » Sun Jul 02, 2000 6:16 pm

I was first introduced to Uechi Ryu years ago at Sensei Rick Martin's dojo in Largo Florida. Unfortunately, after only 6 months, I was in an auto accident which precluded me from further studies. I am now looking to begin again. I have so far been unable to find a Dojo/Sensei in the Reno/Carson City Nevada or Lake Tahoe California area and hope that someone out there can help.


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Trying to locate a Dojo/Sensei

Postby Scott Danziger » Sun Jul 02, 2000 7:59 pm

Well I didn't see any listings for Nevada in the Instructors link but the following are from California. I know most of these are not near Reno but since I do not know California, maybe one of the towns are close enough for you.

Joan Neide: Sacramento CA: 916-441-0904
Robert Van Der Volgen: Sacramento, California (916) 383-4754
Mikio Nishiuchi & Mary Bolz: Citrus Heights, CA: 916-723-1788
George Chaplin, San Francisco, CA: 415-564-4823
Mehran Shahkar: El Sobrante, CA: 510-222-8277
Dave Sargent: San Jose, CA: 408-997-7677
Duane Champoux: San Jose, CA: (408) 532-1880:
Mehran Shahkar El Sobrante CA 94803: (510) 223-4868: E mail:
Alan Dollar: Antiock CA: 510-778-4400
Pabulo Villegas: Antioch, CA: 510-757-3782
Ahti Kaend: Garden Grove CA: 714-894-5627
Steven Goss: SanLuis Obispa CA: 805-543-9474
Henry B. Thom: Martinez, CA: 510-228-6026 [email:]
John Felipe: Pittsburg, CA: 510-439-0964
Greg Brown: Merced, CA (209) 725-1821
Jerry McDonald: San Diego, CA: (858) 538-5088

Good Luck!

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