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NY dojo

Postby bonkers2 » Thu Oct 26, 2000 1:55 am

I posted here in Sept with no response. I am looking for a new teacher for my 2 children who are very into Uechi-ryu. We are moving into NYS, in the Poughkeepsie area. COuld anyone direct me to a teacher there? Or does anyone know how I could find a teacher in this area? ANy help would be much appreciated. This would help our relocation into a new town a bit easier. Thank you muchly. Bonkers2
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NY dojo

Postby Bruce Hirabayashi » Tue Oct 31, 2000 4:18 am

Dear Bonkers2:

As you've probably noticed yourself, you are about 80-110 miles away (by car) from all of the New Yorker instructors listed on George Mattson's instructor list:

Christopher Ronzoni: Long Island NY: 516-944-8695

David Finkelstein: New York NY: 212-867-2896
Lawrence H. DeVoe:New York, NY: 917-923-5452
Nancy A. Simoneschi: New York NY: 212-861-1669

Jay Nussbaum: Ithaca, NY: Cornell Uechi-ryu: "http://inet.crp.cornell.edu/students/mk77/uechi-ryu/"

Ihor Rymaruk: Amsterdam NY: 518-842-9299
John & JoAnne Stugart: Rotterdam NY: 518-372-8297
Mark & Connie Flynn: Guilderland, NY: 518-357-0579 E-mail: gokflynn@sprynet.com

You might call or email some of those NY instructors directly to find out if they have any former students who live in your area ... I'm sure they will be glad to help however they can.

Good luck in your search,

Bruce Hirabayashi
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