Looking for a school

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Looking for a school

Postby mavric » Wed Jan 17, 2001 1:15 am

I have studied in a jujitsu school fro like 4 years and am looking to get back into the art after like 3 years absent from training. I would like to stay in jujitsu but would consider akido as well. I live in Hillsborough New Hampshire. Thanks.
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Looking for a school

Postby f.Channell » Wed Jan 17, 2001 3:36 am

e-mail Mike the moderator on the Jujitsu forum, his teacher has a dojo in N.H. off of route 89. I have trained with him and he is excellent. I can't recall the town but it's worth the drive.
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Looking for a school

Postby mikemurphy » Mon Jan 22, 2001 11:06 am

The town is Clairemont NH, and his name is Sensei Ron Treem. If you want the number just give leave me a note.


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Looking for a school

Postby david » Tue Jan 23, 2001 12:11 pm


If Ron Treem/Claremont is too far away, another place to check out is:

Bujinkan Dojo
250 Commercial St, Suite 2004
Manchester, NH, 03101
For more information: (603) 668-3181

Steve Lefebre is the head instructor. His Email: Airyu@hotmail.com

Bujinkan is affiliated with Hatsumi Sensei/Ninjitsu which includes traditional weapons work, taisabaki/empty hand techniques. Steve is also very much into Filipino Martial Arts and has connections with Chris Sayoc/Sayoc Kali and Tom Sotis of AMOK (a derivative of Leo Gaje's Pekiti Tirsia).

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