A good example...

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A good example...

Postby gmattson » Wed May 05, 2004 1:22 pm

Joe G. says:
I am a "fed" and I would resent any negative connotation that might be implied (or interpreted by others) in your use of the term ... "fed" in the context of your post.

David T is a fellow LEO, who doesn't name Joe G in his post, but labels (in a derogatory manner) a group of LEO, of which, Joe G. is a member. (A comparison in the martial arts: Labeling a group of people... those who practice dan kumite... with a derogatory label)

It is easy to say that people so labeled are "overly sensitive" and "we can't understand why these people feel hurt by my derogatory comments and labels", but it doesn't change the perceived insult to the targeted group.

David T recognized this oversight in his post and apologized. End of story.

Now if David T comes back next week and does the same thing, I wonder if Joe G would feel any different about the repeated "oversight".
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