Apology for Laird

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Apology for Laird

Postby KerryM » Fri Oct 29, 2004 8:03 pm

Dear Laird,

When I posted to you in the other forum I never intended to be offensive. My comments were not appropriate nor should I have posted in a forum I had not posted in, before,let alone in such a manner.

I am deeply embarassed and ashamed and would never intend to cause you to feel anything negetive ever.

I am terribly terribly sorry and do hope that someone- maybe the moderator will delete all post that I made because I couldn't completely delete them. When I hit the edit button it said I had to complete the feilds- so if I could ask for some help with that it would be deply appreciated-


Laird, I am deeply sorry- and will assure everyone here that it will not happen again in any way shape or form.

Please accept my apology as sincere and honest-

Any comments made were not meant to be insulting or disrespectful or anything like that at all. I mis-took my place and feel terribly about it.

I'm just so sorry-

I'm not sure how to spell check a post here- so please forgive any spelling mis haps- as well- I've never been one to spell very well-

I do hope that this will help any negetive energy I caused to happen

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