The Weekend double

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The Weekend double

Postby JDeLuca » Sat May 01, 2004 11:31 pm

Congrats go out to Reality's Joe Lauzon. Joe's fight in Lowell on Friday Night ended like many of his other fights... with Joe's hand raised. He fought a very strong well trained opponent in front of a great crowd and ended the fight raining down punches from the mount.

One would think that he would take the next day off from anything physical buttttt.... Joe hit the weekend double by competing in and winning his weight class and the absolute division of the East Coast BJJ championships less than 24 hours later.

I have to say that i am extremely impressed with the quality of the young grapplers that are being produced under Joe Pomfret they are all well conditioned, highly skilled and absolutely fearless.

great job guys
Jim Deluca
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Postby JoeLauzon » Sun May 02, 2004 8:39 pm

Thanks Jim. It was great seeing you again.

I had a great time on Friday and Saturday... and my phone has been ringing off the wall with people calling me and Congratulating me and trying to set me up to be on their cards... which is funny, because I was off the map about 2 months ago. So this is definately cool.

My success lies in my diet.... after the fight, we immediately went to Bickfords, where I killed some eggs, sausage and home fries... before getting 3 hours and then going to the tournament.... and I wish I could do this every weekend.

Im continually impressed by all of our guys.... Greg Pomfred, my brother... really everyone we train with. We just train hard and it all falls into place for us, we're all thankful to have Joe to train us, push us and work with us. He is the reason for our success.

I was really impressed with Devin, he did really well. Hes what, 16? And competing in the mens divisions... thats impressive. And he did really well, I was surprised at some of the things he was able to do, he has an excellent instructor.
--Joe Lauzon
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