Old guy looking to cross train

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Old guy looking to cross train

Postby Josann » Sun Dec 19, 2004 12:55 am

I am a yondan with 14 years in Uechi. I'd like to study a ground/grappling art that would complement uechi-ryu. The catch is I am 51 and have had some problems with my joints. I did some aikido a while back and found it to be a little unrealistic.I would like something with some realism that would round out what I do now. I am looking to cross train, I have done some boxing this past year and feel that it has helped my karate. I'd appreciate any input anybody can give in a similar situation. There is a judo club and a brazillian jiu-jitsu in my area. Thanks.

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Postby f.Channell » Sun Dec 19, 2004 3:23 am

Easy answer.
Go to the Judo club.
I am also a Yondan in Uechi and have been doing Judo for 5+ years.
Love it, and it is usually less expensive than any of the others, such as BJJ and any Jujitsu which is hard to find a traditional system anyway.
Go to www.judoinfo.com to find all the schools around.
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Postby Bone » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:55 am

I would say visit both schools and see which one you like better. I have done Uechi for comming up on my 14 year and I have done both Judo and BJJ.

I think that checking out both schools will give you a better feel for what each has to offer. If it is more for self defense skills then check to make sure that the schools are more self defense oriented or sport oriented.

Also check the price. Judo schools in genreal are cheaper, but if you have a high ranking colored belt in BJJ they can be just as cheap a a Judo School. It typically takes 10-12 years to become a Black Belt in BJJ so a Blue Belt will have about 2 years in and a purple belt around 4-5 years. A Purple Belt on the mat will be a terror! Most BJJ schools also due more leg locks then the average Judo school. Leg Locks are great for self defense, so see if iether school trainis them.

In all don't discount weither school out uintil you attend. The Judo class will be more structured and formal like Uechi and the BJJ class will be more laid back and less strutured.

Good Luck!
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