Kimono/Gi Reviews and Sizing Washing Instructions

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Kimono/Gi Reviews and Sizing Washing Instructions

Postby Fightgear » Thu Mar 24, 2005 4:30 pm

Kimono/Gi Reviews and Sizing Washing Instructions

We've set up a new section of our website called the locker-room where we are including kimono and fightwear reviews PLUS we have a section which covers all aspects of getting the right size kimono (including comparative sizing as sizes differ between manufacturers), washing instructions, shrinking to fit and making your kimono colour fast.
We revamped Jokers original kimono reviews and included some new ones but we would welcome the you senind in a new review of kimono or rash guard or shorts! Help us to help everyone else!
Fightwear reviews
Send your reviews to us please! - click here!
and here is the link to our sizing, washing and kimono care section
Washing, sizing and color fixing for kimono
Hope its of some use!
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