Nihon Jujutsu's newaza

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Nihon Jujutsu's newaza

Postby Sal Jaber » Mon Aug 29, 2005 2:00 am

I am curious in the newaza of the Sato group. I know Sato sensei is highly rank in judo. Are most of the grappling techniques in Nihon Jujutsu the same as that found in Judo?

just curious,

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ne waza

Postby mikemurphy » Mon Aug 29, 2005 5:51 pm


Shiyuza Sato sensei is 8th dan Judo and 9th dan Nihon Jujitsu as of my last update. His judo as taught to him by Mifune and Ito sensei (10th dans) was excellent, and much of that expertise as well as his Akido and Aiki jujitsu talents were incorporated into the Nihon Jujitsu style. With that said, Nihon Jujitsu is a more traditional stand-up brand of jujitsu with 25 or so Kodokan Judo throws put into it. There is no real grappling movement taught; however, he is very adament about telling people what you can do from the tachiai (standing), you can do from the Idori (kneeling), which can then be translated to the floor.

The Nihon Jujitsu art is still evolving and there are new avenues being explored by Sato sensei everytime we see him. I don't know if ne waza ever be specifically taught, but it is expected that at a certain dan rank (escapes my mind right now), the candidate must be ranked in Judo as well, so I suppose you would get it there. It's a good question to ask next time I see him.


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