Mixed Martial Arts Seminar ~ August 19 ~ Webster, MA

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Mixed Martial Arts Seminar ~ August 19 ~ Webster, MA

Postby Kuma-de » Wed Aug 08, 2007 11:43 pm

Mixed Martial Arts Seminar
Instructor: Phillip W. Wyman (Lion’s Den)
When: Sunday, August 19, 2007
Time: 0900- 1300 (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
Location: Guardian Self Defense
(Inside Canty’s Dance Centre)
4 Main Street Webster, MA 01570
Fee: $30.00
Contact: Jay Patterson (774) 230- 8562
Email: guardian_self_defense@yahoo.com

Click here for hyper link to Map Quest: http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?searchtype=address&country=US&addtohistory=&searchtab=home&formtype=address&popflag=0&latitude=&longitude=&name=&phone=&level=&cat=&address=4+Main+Street&city=&state=&zipcode=01570

We are pleased to announce a seminar featuring Phil Wyman (SSgt in the USMC) who will be returning to his native Dudley and will be available for a short seminar in MMA fighting.

Phil’s accomplishments prior to serving these past several months as an Instructor Trainer in the US Marines Martial Arts Program at Camp Fallujah was to complete the competition and become a member in Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den in California. Winning his first fight! He has had over 30 Amateur MMA fights and held several National and Regional titles.

Phil also completed training for his role in the USMC MA Program by traveling world wide and training with many of the world’s senior martial arts masters; including BJJ under Renzo Gracie in Rio de Janero Brazil at the Gracie Baha United School and Okinawan Karate with some of the senior most Masters there;including Seiki Toma of Seibukan Tode Jutsu, Seikichi Odo of Ryukyu hon Karate-do & Kobudo, Ei'Ich Miyazato of Jundokan Goju Ryu, and Seikichi Uehara of Motobu Udundi . He has trained in Muay Thai in Thailand and received his Master Instructor Certificate from Fairtex Muay Thai.
He currently holds a 3rd degree black belt in several styles of traditional karate and a 3rd degree black belt in the USMC Martial Arts Program. He is one of the integral participants of this program since it’s inception to the Marine Corps. in 2001. He has recently completed in assisting the advanced ground work curriculum for the USMC Martial Arts Program

He is an inventive and exciting instructor! Come join us for some fun.*
• Pre-Registration Only!
• Please contact Jay or myself for further info.

Check out his training regimen and blog at:



Lounging around Fallujah after target practice trying to act cool ! (Phil- extreme rt.) :wink:

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