#1 Amatuer MMA Ranking

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#1 Amatuer MMA Ranking

Postby david » Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:55 pm

Kin just got ranked by the combined votes of the nine local MMA promoters and writers as the top amatuer in his (135) weight class.

http://www.northeastmma.net/2010/11/10/ ... -rankings/

His "foundation" practice has been in the striking arts, i.e. traditional boxing and kickboxing, which I had started with him for several years when he was younger (13/14). To be really competitive in MMA, he really has been playing catch up with his other skills, notably grappling. He is a pretty solid grappler now from working with coaches in western wrestling and eastern oriented grappling. In his last several "open" (no gi) intermediate grappling tournaments (for folks of any background, e.g. wrestling, judo, jujutsu), he came in either first or second. He came in second in several traditional jujutsu tournaments in the blue belt ranking which isn't bad considering he has never formally trained in a traditional style and learned the "sparring techniques" that focus on the leveraging the heavy collar of judo gi.

His four MMA bouts reflect an array of skills --- he won one by a knockout, another by a rear naked choke, another by TKO through a "ground and pound" and his last by a 3 round unaminous decision in fight that was an equal combination of striking and on the mat work.

He also currently working with a boxing coach and some dedicated amatuer boxers, AAU and Golden Glove fighters. His coach thinks he is a solid contender to take the northeast Goldern Glove title in his weight division.

He has a MMA fight tentatively scheduled in January and then will compete in the regional Golden Gloves tourney.

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This is very good news David. . .

Postby gmattson » Mon Nov 15, 2010 8:29 pm

My very best to Kin. He sounds a lot like his famous father! :) Keep us posted regarding his progress.
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January Match Up...

Postby david » Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:19 pm

From AFO news, Kin will likely be facing the winner of the 135 lb bout scheduled for tomorrow:

http://www.americanfightingorganization ... nding.html

"Boneyard’s Graeme Prue will challenge Waikru’s Ethan Connelly with the winner facing hot prospect Kin Moy in January. "

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