If Everything is in sanchin.....

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If Everything is in sanchin.....

Postby KerryM » Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:42 pm

If it's true that everything is in sanchin- why are there so many groups out there that say follow me- this is the right way-

and others who say noooo.... this way is the right way- it's like a great big "church-fest" (meaning many churches many faiths one truth attitude) where everyone gets to decide that everyone else's way to practice sanchin is wrong- or this or that ryu- is wrong...

if everything is in sanchin-

let's take this problem- of the masses of ways to practice Uechi-Ryu and "put it in sanchin-"

where would the problem/issue be?

Where would your dojo fit? Which "part" would your students and their teacher be?

would the problem/issue be in the body?

in the mind?

in the spirit?

to complete a sanchin kata by the parameters set by Kanbun Uechi-

you need a hand-

you need a foot-

you need an elbow....

you even need that bum..... (gluteous)

there are other parts of your body- that people don't like to talk about- that you STILL need- to complete a sanchin because without those parts... you don't have a complete tool to perform the kata to those specifications.... ( i.e. if you don't have a bum to "tuck"... )

So if there needs to be all those different parts- even the "dirty" ones-

then doesn't that mean that everyone's sanchin will be a little different-

because every single one of our bodies is a little different?

isn't there some way to apply that concept and re-attach all the "masses" of Uechi-Ryu dojo's out there- or if we can't re-attach- then we can all at least appreciate that-

that school over there has it's place in the style- "their way" totaly is okay- because it is a needed part... even if we don't like the part it plays- we still need that part... EVEN IF the sanchin kata- or teacher of said sanchin isn't doing it the way "we" think is right... they will get there eventualy... everyone learns from mistakes- so those mistakes are desperately needed and should be celebrated.

No part- should be considered useless-

And what about the room sanchin is completed in? What if there isn't a room? Which part of "everything is in sanchin" does that fit into?

Does it fit into doing a correct sanchin? I think it does-

If we were to address just that question alone- how would we find the answer- by "putting it into sanchin?"

since sanchin is a kata- wouldn't it actualy be inside the mind? because it is there- where you even "decide to do" a sanchin kata... where your feet "do" a sanchin step starts within the mind... not where your foot actualy is standing-

Maybe it's in the spirit because your spirit tells the mind HEY GO DO A SANCHIN!!! in whatever language you allow your spirit to speak to you doesn't matter- just that it does- and that's certainly a part of sanchin...

So wouldn't it make more sense to appreciate all the parts? even those dirty ones- thus even "that" school- or that one- or that one? That Master- or that one?

even those mental type questions like who bowed when and or who clapped or didn't - who is speaking to who and when and where?- those effect our sanchin's because we "think" about it... so those answers might just be found... "in sanchin" because the mind- including all it's questions participates "in sanchin"...

My thought here is that maybe if we all stopped worrying about which "part" we are... because we know that whatever part we do happen to be is still vital-(no matter WHAT part!!!)

we might be able to all represent this particular "ryu" with true empty-mindedness we might be able to enjoy that school and that school and that school.... and get excited about the differences...

we wouldn't be thinking about all those silly issues- we'd be allowing our spirit to hold us in the correct position which would create the best electrical current to provide an even BETTER sanchin-thus providing health to our body and back up the chain....to create the best sanchin kata we can do at any given time....... which is where "everything" is at.... right?

Since this is the Mind/Body/Spirit forum- I thought I'd toss in a post about some of the things I've had in my mind- mucking up the emptiness LOL

Just thoughts-

No judgements or proclaimations-

Just thoughts-

Wanna share yours?

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Postby KerryM » Tue Apr 26, 2005 10:47 pm

yeah- a bit young- a bit idealistic- but hey-

I think about sanchin a lot-

it's my "way" :)

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Postby 2Green » Thu Apr 28, 2005 3:04 am

Good post!
I interpret it as "Sanchin is in everything" everything Uechi, that is!

Here's what I mean.
As one progresses through the various "new" techniques, learned as we go along our Uechi path, we start to think, "gee, there seems to be a lot of NEW things to learn!"
But if you apply the principles of Sanchin to these supposedly "new" principles or techniques or moves, you see that Sanchin principles are actually CONTAINED WITHIN, and EXPRESSED BY these supposedly "new" techniques.

Instead of having a thousand tools for a thousand individual jobs, you have three tools which can perform a thousand jobs: A saw, a hammer and a lever.
(I'm not relating these specific tools to Sanchin!)

But, you find certain CONCEPTS and PRINCIPLES expressed in the applications and the techniques, over and over, and lo and behold, Sanchin is the template or the "try-square" for all these concepts and principles.

HOW MANY OTHER Karate "styles" base their ENTIRE CONCEPT upon their FIRST, MOST FUNDAMENTAL Kata?

I know you emphasize the mental/spiritual aspects of Sanchin, but my examples address the physical ones.
Hey, I'm a guy!

But seriously, I think of it as "Sanchin is in all", NOT "All is in Sanchin"

I have a question (challenge!) for you...
What is YOUR interpretation of what Sanchin means for YOU?
Can you answer this question in PHYSICAL terms?

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Postby Stryke » Thu Apr 28, 2005 7:49 am

Sanchin to me on a physical level

Inside , outside , and grounding . three positional defenses .

Postby KerryM » Thu Apr 28, 2005 3:54 pm

That's a good interpretation as well-

actualy I realize that a lot of people just take sanchin on a physical level. For me- it encompasses the whole mind- body and spirit. I do not give it any limitation on how to apply the application of "sanchin" be it through kata or through breath excercise.

I allow it to be a physical representation- of the correct way to enhance or receive- accomplish- whatever word you'd want to use to describe what happens "within" the body- "on" a phsyical level- I refer to that part as an electrical current- the way the electricity travels through our bodies while doing the kata- will effect the mind- and thus the spirit- whatever you decide spirit is-

so to avoid stating the basics of a sanchin stance- when done according to Uechi (Kanei) specifications it creates that "route" inside the brain- which enhances mental growth- which enhances spiritual growth-

Three modes or three conflicts- mind body spirit- if it goes in one direction and effects the one (physical) then if there are "three" it encompasses two other parts-

my interpretation- from studies through my Sensei and his sensei's would be that 33. and a third is a phsyical part- 33 and a third is a mental or mind mode/conflict and 33.3 is spirit mode.

Did I answer the question of just ramble :)


there are too many physical applications to identify and list- same with mind applications of sanchin and spirit- most can't describe what spirit is- or rather "define" it- so that right there is open to interp- :)

But for me- and my practice- sanchin "is" everything- because where-ever and what ever the issue/ problem- it fits into one of those three modes of conflict-

if you look- and are open to it- :)

my thoughts though-

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Postby hoshin » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:59 pm

i think it was Ben Franklin that said when ever there are at least two people in a room there will be politics.

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Postby Spike » Sat Jul 23, 2005 11:18 pm

Sanchin to me: lots of triangles and circles. (physically)

Sanchin to me: determination! because winners never quit, and quitters never win! (mentally and spiritually)

But hey, i'm a n00b too! - EH
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Postby Tom Faigle » Tue Jul 26, 2005 9:42 pm


All is Sanchin. This baseball season, my son got into some bad habits (I couldn't coach due to a terrible work schedule). Anyway, when I got some time with him, I had him open like he was starting Sanchin. His last few games saw a huge improvement with him having a great championship game where he went 3 for 3 with a walk, two singles and a double! Needless to say, we now joke that Sanchin truely is in everything! And our Sensei loved it!

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Postby -Metablade- » Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:32 am

I forget who said it first, but true none the less;

"The breath is the flywheel of life."
There's a bit of Metablade in all of us.
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Sanchin kata

Postby Bill MacDonald » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:27 am


What is it about the Sanchin Kata that makes it so different than other structured routines. On the surface of it, it consists of a number of karate techniques connected by a series of steps and turns. However, many people seem to think that by practicing this one kata, virtually to the exclusion of all others, that a nearly miraculous tansformation can take place in the practictioner who practices the kata diligently. How does that happen? What is it about the kata that developes such speed & strength in those that practice it.

Best regards,

Bill MacDonald
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Postby maxwell ainley » Sat Feb 11, 2006 12:49 pm

Hi Bill ,

Their are major technical problems practicing sanchin and nothing but sanchin ,and getting all round meanings ,or "All inclusive " meanings with out other material support .

Practioners ,normally make this qoute yet still have support going on somewere down there journey ,but to actually know or have used sanchin as a total training method free of support is another animal alltogether .

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Postby maxwell ainley » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:34 pm

A un supported sanchin .

Basically is totally free of other material ,the only aid is the teacher ,with no imput from additional material to cross ref his instruction ,its all sanchin .

We live and breath sanchin nothing else ,to be a teacher of this, certain goals and a working knowledge of how to attain these goals must be deeply implanted or internalized in the teacher ,so the first support must be the teacher plus a growing strength of purpose to face sanchin on its own terms max.
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Postby maxwell ainley » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:50 pm

A first question I pondered ,is the eastern mind stronger than the western ,or is the eastern spirit stronger ,lastly the body ? obviously sanchin is eastern ,and it needs a strong mind body spirit to face it on terms and conditions I mention ,ok its hardship but what hardship have i faced that can at least match a element of its concept to gain a certain aspect of strength .

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Postby maxwell ainley » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:41 pm

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Postby maxwell ainley » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:49 pm

Lets say a objective of the teacher is a All inclusive attitude yet hardship and a total commitment stand in front of the student in a fair and square manner How do we proceed with nothing but sanchin?

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