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Postby zak10w40 » Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:27 pm

Hi George-Sensei,
Looking forward to seeing you and Susan at camp. I will be day tripping it this time sat. and sunday. By the way I had problems printing the adobe application??? So I am going to try again on another computer.

I am binging a couple of extra chess sets with me see if I findd any takers.

Work finds me on the job 6 days a week -- stressful -- so looking forward to getting on the cape. THough I haven't been at the hut for a few weeks -- I practice uechi kata nearly daily -- not as many reps. as I would like, however.
Warm regards,

With your permission can I leave a few brochures for Ken Chertow Supergold Wrestling at the store this camp. Seed for the future...perhaps.
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