Hi I'm new

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Hi I'm new

Postby nos482 » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:17 am

I practice sanchin with low level sounds that go with the moves and visualize water flow as chi. I also do chi-kung. I notice in doing this at times one becomes more sensitive to others chi. I feel the push and pull of energy walking past strangers in the mall it's been a couple years since then. I know how to ground out others chi through visualization of water flow into the ground also finger weave and point to the ground when very -chi is around. One time a boss of mine loved to intimidate people with his -chi I got tired of the draining feeling so I visualized blue water flowing from my stomach which was chi with all my worries and troubles he was hungry so he got over feed without a word. He left me alone and looked sick to his stomach. By now. A kung-fu master calls it chi leaches over feed them with what they want I was told. I have not done that anymore but it was interesting how the reaction was almost right away like being struck without any moves. :) nos Merry Christmas all.
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