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Postby razcow54 » Sun Mar 02, 2003 2:19 pm

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a new danger that we rarely train to avoid, that even kids are clever enough to do. Let me explain (Sorry Dave, since we go to the same school of course you've heard this already).

There was a fight recently between some high school students, I don't know all the details, but this is what I've gathered. There was some sporting event (basketball or something) and then afterwards there was a heated argument and some adolescent jack asses trying to be "big men", well all I know for sure beyond that is that some kid from my town headbutted this kid in the face and his tooth went right through his upper lip, I mean all the way through it.

Now, this story might just sound like a bizarre anecdote, but it made me wonder. How do we defend against a head butt...I posted it here as opposed to somewhere else because we as kids and teens might face that at school or after a game or something. I already know I've asked Dave about this (you can post it if you want), but any suggestions?
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Postby Geeno » Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:07 pm

Im new here, maybe Im not qualified to answer either. There are a lot of different situations where you could have to defend against a headbutt, Id think largely youd have to deal with the attacker holding your arms or something along that lines.

What I would do is use any of the hold breaking techniques that you really should know (one of the most important self defense tactics?) and then create any sort of distance you can by any means you chose. If you can't create sufficient distance, I would grab the opponents right wrist with my left hand, get my right knee on the outside of his right knee, and then grab his jaw and just force him down. If it sounds complicated give it some thought, its something Ive done while messing around with my friends and father.
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Postby W.J.C. » Wed Jul 30, 2003 1:46 am

I know in order to prevent headbutts, usually from some grappling point, if your head is in striking distance from his head (all other limbs tied up at the moment) move your head closer to his head. This eliminates any range of motion he can create with his neck to hit you hard.

For example;

1) You have him in a bear hug from behind. To prevent him from whipping his head backwards and breaking your nose, press your forehead into the back of his neck or base of the head.

2) If entangled in some fashion from the front, place your head along side his head until you can break clean.

3)Or you could just always head but him first.
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Postby Spike » Tue Aug 26, 2003 1:05 am

All of these are great answers, although I do not know all of the variables of how it started and where everyone was, i would have to say to distance yourself properly and accordingly would have to be the best bet.
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