Rio Grande------Far East Version

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Rio Grande------Far East Version

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun May 11, 2003 8:38 pm


By far the most dangerous threat to world peace, if not life on Earth (as we know, since the cockroach would probably survive) is the "Regime" Of Kin Jong Il of North Korea.

Film (s) have been getting through to various networks showing serious North Korean patrolling of the Yalu to, a la Berlin Wall, keep North Koreans from escaping into China.

For those of us who are NOT used to thinking of Chiina as the Land of the Free, it certainly must appear so to the absolutley downtrodden North Korean population.

A considerable Korean Population has now developed in the Province bordering North Korea.

Well, it's is no secret that the other thing that is (relatively) more plentiful on the Chinese side (and we are used to image of the peasants in China eating dirt in "The Good Earth" for example).

The announcement by the 'beloved leader' that he has four Nukes and will sell them, trade them to any and all comers has probably made the hair on the Chinese Leadership, and that in Seoul stand straight up. I do not blame the Bush administarion from hanging back here. The North Korean Military is far ahead of the dilapidated Iraqi war machine.

Also, since the military and the high party members are the only ones who actually 'eat" in the PRK, they might have a bit more motivation than Saddam's troops.

(Where did the Republican Guard go anyway?)

I hope people who have more information on this will contribute.

It is interesting to note that anti war protests in the world and the US barely had time to get going, and the deed was done.

Strident protests came from South Korea. Now what are they, the Japanese and the Chinese going to do about the PRK? Wait for Uncle Sam.

Bad Idea.

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Postby Deep Sea » Mon May 12, 2003 5:06 am

Hello John.

One of the reasons we have not yet attacked DPRK is because it is going to get real messy when we do. All KJ has to do is push a little spearhead into Seoul and hold that city hostage for the horror of the entire world to watch. And KJ will torture and kill civvies in unpresedented numbers at his leisure.

We cannot do a buildup in South Korea or even ripple the waves offshore with an armada buildup as we did in the Middle East without frightening Kim Jong Il into attacking South Korea.

It is a smart move that we remove US forces from the DMZ, and probably from South Korea altogether.

KJ is in effect holding the south as a defacto hostage,ready to move against them.

The only solution would be a preemptive strike to completely anhialate the DPRK military without playing the nice guy warrior as we did in Iraq.

Wasn't it just last week that KJ's minister of defense rhetorically stated that DPRK has 100 nuclear-tipped missiles pointed at the US? I think that statement was pure bullsh!t, but what if it wasn't?

Try this, John, referenced from NewsMax:

Chinese authorities have rounded up and repatriated North Korean Christians who had sought refuge and been catechized on Chinese territory.

"We have reports that these refugees had wires driven through their wrists and noses. By these wires they were led back into North Korea,"
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