Subjects to Come

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Subjects to Come

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Jan 08, 2007 7:19 pm

Some subjects to come.

Before I list any, I must explain that I have nearly always been a Western Martial Artist with Musket, Pistol, rifle, Bow, and experimental spears.

I am still trying to get moving witht he "SASS" crowd, who specialize in shooting interactive targets with "cowboy" era guns.

Although there is no 'rule' on the point it is clear that a SASS shooter;s 'rig' would consist of 2 Single action Revolver-preferably sturdy, smooth and chambered for the same caliber as a contemporary Lever or pump action rifle and a double barrle shotgun.

Courses vary from club to club, but at no time is the muzzle of any weapon allowed to go past a line running 180 degrees parrallel to the 'axis' of the shooters hips as he is squared off to the target.

I have only observed this rapidly growing sport, so it will be a while before I can seriously attempt to pass on valuable tips.

some things, are, however, unavoidable.

Pretty much in Mass., only the Ruger Old and new Vacquero will be available new. There are several Winchester and Winchester clones ('73, '92 and 1866) and Clone of the the Colt 'Pump' pistol calibers.

More on this later.

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Colt Lightning

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Jan 14, 2007 2:48 pm


I have ordered and will be picking up a "clone" of the Vintage Colt Lightning Pump Rifle in .45 Colt.

THis is, to my knowledge, the only pump action Rifle allowed in the Sass Shoots.

It's a 'dern shame that we can't get Colt and EMF Etc. S Action Action Army handguns for this shoot.

Athough Masss. Regs. (written by our August Atty Gen'l Reilly) are a huge pain, any manufactuer or improrter is free to spend the onerous 'fees' to get their Colt Clones approved in Mass.

the Same Goes for Colt 1911 Clones (Senseu Van will be pleased to note that Paraordinance and Thompson have gone to the trouble (as well as Smith & Wesson) to get their 1911's approved for Mass..

The S&W 1911 is a Truly fine weapon, but S&W never produced many before Colt basically opted NOT to stay in the Mass. market..

THe "New Vacquero" Rugers (smaller framed than the old, about the same frame as the Single Six) are very nice indeed if a bit "tight' and in need of some pistol smithing. They are Available in .45 Colt and .357S&W magnum.

BTW if anyone has a .44-40 they wish to part with in Sass configuration, please let me know.

All the 'old' Winchester Rifles (1866, 1873 from Uberti and 1892, 1886 From Winchester-from time to time) are available.

1895's in .405 and .30-06 are, 'were', available from winchester, but they are way too powerful for Sass shooting.

I have the std. and deluxe 1895's---too bad New Haven Winchester is now CLOSED for good and we will NOT be seeing Mod. '94, 95 or mod 70's made in USA ever again.

I can honestly say i wept real tears over this decision.

Sensei Van's Ar 10 is truly a thing of beauty to a rifle butt boy like me.

A fine bit of legislation that was depriving me of the right to sell guns to the the local teenagers (sic) and I hear the FAL was all the Rage amongst Bank Robbers (sic).

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