The Anatomy of A Custom Rifle

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The Anatomy of A Custom Rifle

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Jan 20, 2007 11:35 pm

I suppose now that Winchester New haven has closed and given that Kimber won't send ANYTHING to Mass. and Remington offers only their venerable but "push feed only" M700 there are some of us that are going to have to build our own smokepoles.

Or more truthfully, have them built.

Local gunsmiths have been starved to extinction-literally-but there are a few out of state fellows that do fine work.

I had purchased on the auction line a "trapdoor" action and was thinking about what to do with it.

I popped into my friend's shop and he said----"hey I want that, I have been wanting to build a .45-70 pistol" (?? more than I could handle) but he had a 60's vintage Husquarvarna (hereinafter HVA) action on the shelf.

Well, you can guess what transpired. I got the Mauser type HVA.

Then I proceeded to find a barrel---I saw Wilson had some on sale. They used to make all Ruger's barrels----so- Now I had an action and barrel.

However, my friend got sick and could not really even begin the job.

Thus, the incomplete custom rifle got sent to another fine workman in Illinois.

We decided on a Fajen clone "Aristocrat" type stock which is a bit like the Weatherby MKV stock but with a 'rollover" cheekpiece.

I don't usually get too fancy with my rigs, but I do like a nice piece of wood. Typically one of my rigs will have a steel gripcap, no contrasting forend wood---but I pop for good grade wood.

This one got a A Fancy American Walnut.

The barrel was 7mm so I could choose from a large selection of calibers; .280 Rem, 7mm/08, 7mm Mag and perhaps one of the new short mags, but I have not been able to get any loading information on the latter so that was ruled out.

In any event the choice was the venerable 100+ year old 7X57 Mauser.

Americans first were unfortunately introduced to this Caliber in the Spanish American War.

Only a brave soul would charge up a hill with a Krag Or .45 70 Springfield in the face of fire from Spanish '95 mausers in this Caliber.

Nevertheless--it happened-San Juan Hill being the most notable clash.

7mm in any cartridge is a good if not stupendously smart choice as a 150 HPBT Match 7mm exiting the bore at 2600 fps will pass through a target at 600 meters with more retained energy and velocity than a 180 HPBT from a 7.62mm (.30-06) leaving the muzzle at the same speed.

Now 600 meters is a long way, and I have not ever hit anything living over 400 yards.

Van Sensei and I both have Wea. MKV's. Van Sensei's is in the present best of the .300's and mine is in the mild 7mm/08.

I recommend Pillar bedding the action into the stock, a thin rifleman's recoil pad, standard checkering etc. and then you will have something that literally cannot be purchased over the counter anymore----period.

I will post a picture of the finished product.

Hopefully this is not too boring, but rifllery imho again, is the unofficial American Martial Art after all--and more western martial art info was requested.


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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Jan 26, 2007 1:36 am

I have and have had Savages and I confess that it also 'seems' like a 'push feed rifle' at first Blush.

The Savage 310S RBShotgun is and extremely accurate when using rifled bore sabots. These are not "Normal" Shotgun slugs' and velocities, accuracy and enegry are tepid, as is expansion of the Sabot, but overpower the .44magnum Rifle and standard rifle slugs.

. The Barnes HP also offered Tightens up the accuracy to about 1.5 moa.

This is useful news in a "shotgun' states of countys respecdtably statnding in for 'midrange' rifles such as .44 Magnums or even the venerable (gone but not fotgotten) M1894 in 'thutty thutty'.

The Ithace "fixed and rifled barrel" pump for these 'sabots' is lighter, as accurate, in a fast and less 'gommy' (white hills ese for awkward) action.

Replaceable Rifled barrels are available for many of your favorite SG's, but the permanent affixed rifle barrel does increase accuracty.

Have a replacement shoulder handy.

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