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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Mar 28, 2007 4:17 pm

The .240 Weatherby, aside from being just a fine,fun,accurate if too expensive---is at least at long last made in the USA.

The rated MV for the Weatherby is usually about 200 fps faster than a 6mm Remington and 300 fps faster than the .243 winchester. This translates into about 32-3300 fps. use of the Nosler or Barnes bullet atop IMR 4831 would certainly extend the utility of the weapon. Coyotes especially beware.

Remember the former is based on the 7X57 case and the latter on the .308 winchester case.

The Weatherby has a powder capacity roughly the same as a .30-06 and can be called a a 6mm/06. Thus it should be considered a true hunting rifle and the barrel should be allowed time to cool between strings.

The .240 is the most powerful of the 'factory' cartridges at around 3200fps, although there are/were 'wildcat' cartridges which would (somewhat sensely) outspeed the Weaby round.

I do not recommend the .240 for 'chucking" as is does heat up quickly. But if you only have a few around---they taste like piping plover. (well, all they eat is clover and what's in your garden. If you are in relatively restriced areas, no one can stop use of an air rifle and we will talk about these new Pellet Power houses on another thread.)

The 6mm Remington is the best choice for all around use, and is chambered by Ruger in the M77, but I have always harbored a real liking for the MKv's.

it should be noted that the 300WM was chambered for the M700 Remington and i owned own for a time before I sold it to a pro hunter in Texas. He said he liked the weapon.

I especially thank sensei Canna for his support and input.

I will attmpt to write on the latest groupd on cartridges, such as the Winchester Short magnum
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