EA18B "Growler"

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EA18B "Growler"

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Jul 31, 2007 2:06 am


Not only has the FA-18 supplanted the A-6 and the F-14, a new version call the EA-18 "Growler" is near to entering service.

Of course when this happens, the venerable A-6E "Prowler" will be retired.

I must say i will miss the Tomcat.

The A-6 had the largest naval aircraft's record for Bomb weight carried. But, it had been around for 35 years, and that is good service for an aircraft in any book.

Of Course, again, the B-52 will easily be seen as wurpassing that record two fold in this century as may the bulk of the USAF Tanker Fleet, the real back bone of most USAF combat operations. The Tankers are the KC-135, a 707 derivative and the KC10, a DC 10.

It doesn't take a genius of a hoplogist to figure out that this fleet is truly getting a bit long in the tooth.

more later.
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