Real Concerns/Opponents in the Air

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Real Concerns/Opponents in the Air

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:34 pm

I watched on the Military Channel a British Hoplologist spouting off to the effect that "Why build the F-22 and the Joint strike fighters, just build more F-15's Image
Apparently this spot hired a stupid person. (Sukhoi Terminator shown.)

The Major "Dogfighters" (feel free to add your choice) of the USN and USAF are the F-18,F-16 and F-15.

These are fine aircraft andImage with well trained pilots will always give a good account of themselves.

(Chinese Jian 10 shown)

Although an F-15 has never been been downed by an enemy aircraft, a note that an F-18 was lost to a Sukhoi was found by me.

I know I know, big deal.

But there is a generation of new fighters in development in Europe, China and Russia that will prove extremely dangerous to our air assets,

The Chineses Jian appears externally identical to the Eurofighter/Typhoon,
French Rafales will undoubtedly, per usual, be sold to countries in South America and elsewhere where we or the UK will have to confront them.

Previously our Radar and AAM technology has kept our respective heads above water. But this qualitave advantage is being eroded.
Image(Saab "Grippen' and French "Rafale" shown)

Most of the above will offer significant improvement in manueuverability and versatillity.

The Rafale is intended to replace several other single mode aircraft of the Armee de L'air.

However, in 1982, Argentine obsolescent A-4s and Super Etendards did deadly work on the British Fleet armed with the latest version of Seawolf, Seadart and Rapier Missiles. The Sea Harriers of the British fleet were able to acheive a limited air supremacy due to the 'viffing" ability of the aircraft and the receipt of the latest mark of AIM-9L "sidewinder" from the US.

This did nothing to improve our relations with Argentina.

Air supremacy was far from complete as was demonstrated over "San Carlos Water", a bay surrounded by high hills making early shipborn radar detection impossible.

Also the British lacked a dedicated AWACS such as the E-2C "Hawkeye'.

This is a topic for another time as often "obsolescent" and "obsolete" aircraft can be used in other than the "Air Supremacy" mode for other valuable missions. (Ground attack, Wild Weasel, and Anti Shipping ) T

These attacks were pressed home valiantly by the "Fuerzas Aerea" Argentine Mirages and A-4's.

Super Entendards successfully sank the Destroyer Sheffield and the transport "Atlantic Conveyor".

To be sure, Sheffield was outside of San Carlos Water on picket duty. Its Radar was temporarily disabled by a data tranmission to the UK.

I don't pretend to understand how that could happen.

The destroyer Ardent and the landing ship Sir Galahad were sunk by A-4's using "dumb bombs".

I have many relevant video clips. Should you want me to sent them to you. let me know. You may have to load a 'Flash Video" player for some.

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