Any good information on Roman/Greek military life ?

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Postby Glenn » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:27 pm

Hugh wrote:Hey, Glenn, I'm in sticker shock! That $135 price is just for the last of the three volumes! Yikes!! thet is rich even for my fanatic blood.

Yeah, I think I would locate the nearest university library, they probably have copies, depending on the strength of their history/archaeology departments, or could get them inter-library.

You might be able to luck into them for a reasonable price on Ebay. Being a geography instructor I am always on the look out for certain geography books to add to my collection. One I wanted for a long time was the classic 1994 work on the geography of human genes by Luigi Cavalli-Sforza. Like the author of these books on the Vindolanda tablets, Cavalli-Sforza wrote one book for the general public titled Great Human Diasporas, that sold for $22, and an academic volume titled The History and Geography of Human Genes, that runs over 1000 pages and includes over 500 full-page, full-color maps. He also published an abridged version of the full academic volume that falls between the previous two, mainly aimed at the interested public who might want more detail than what is found in Great Human Diasporas. However it was the complete unabridged academic volume I wanted, but it costs $250 new...although the Barnes and Noble member card cuts it down to $200, still way out of reach! Then about 5 years ago I lucked into a mint copy on Ebay for $50, too good to pass up.
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Caesar's Bias

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:05 pm


Can't argue about that.

The point made is reinforced in the book XIV Legio "Gemina Martia Vitrix" in "Nero's Killing Machine-The Remarkable Story of Rome's Fourteenth Legion" by Stephen Dando Collins, covers the Legions History and it losses and Victories.

I read many years ago about the "Sabinus and Cotta" disaster where the XIVth was nearly annihilated a la the Varian catastrope.

Normaly when a Legion was, in effect, destroyed, it was not reconstituted.

But the author made it quite clear that Caesar (Gaius Julius) effected the reconstituion of the Legion to protect his "dignitas"

To be continued

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Hi Costs of Legions

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Sep 25, 2007 2:48 pm

Hi Hugh and all:

I understand the cost situations.

One of the reference books i chose to buy is the much referred to "Great Battles of Antiquity"----"$250.00!!!!

But, I can't do without it.

It goes into the 'way of war' of the various peoples involved in the battle(s) to be described.

I also wished to drop a note here as to a pretty good reading list for Civil War and Revolutionary Times (and earlier) shaping up on the Thread "A Heartless Comparison".

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