Mission Requests.

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Mission Requests.

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Oct 27, 2007 4:42 pm


Yes Hugh I would you very much to lead us in the way of western swords.

I am going to follow your suggestions (yes, barto if necessary) as best I can.

3 requests: Remember I am disabled :D
Let me take the Eassternswords as fr as I can. I will work with my student an see, for example, if we can inform the public and our friends here as to which might be suitable.
Have mercy on me :wink:

Fred, as much as you can tell us about Iaido and proper swords and, of course, the matters you usually put forth.

I think you may wish to look at swords that are available for you to look at, draw your own conclusions and pass them on.

Frankly, with the possible exception of the Paul Chen Gladius, my Wetern blade collection is a bit anemic.

I will mine the net for reviews of all blade I have, East and West, and pass on the results.

There won't be much, I think for the Western Blades, I am looking to Hugh for guidance there.

But on the Eastern blades I may have testing photos etc. etc..

And Most Of All Let Us Remember that SS is not an acceptable material from which to build a Sword. :!:

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