New Military development

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New Military development

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Nov 28, 2014 6:01 pm

The Russians have developed a new stealth aircraft similar in appear to the F-22 much as the Chinese Stealth Aircraft is similar to the Joint strike Fighter. Is is called the "TA 50 PAKFA". I am able to fly some of the plans maentioned in Hawx one and two, aerial combat simulation games, which are quite different that "arcade" type game, like some of those in X-Box. the Chinese fighter is virtually the same in appearance to the JSF but it has two engine which are 'smoky" (like the phantom). I think our navy would have preferred the two engine aircraft. There is not note as to any STOVL capabilities, ie: no vertical take off and landing version has been revealed.

Derived from that computer generated experience I think:

1. the F-35 is extremely maneuverable but is a bit Light on weapon load.
2. We do not really have a way to measure "stealth" except to note that so called steal aircraft are not as easy to hit with Radar guided weapons. The PAK 50 is included in Hawx 2, an its performance is similar to the F-22. the Pak500 is available only in "multi player" mode ie: head to head combat simulation with other pilots logged into the game. It is not available for the Mission set.
3. Britain's Eurofighter is not as fast as any of the above but is very maneuverable, perhaps as maneuverable as the F-22, but in real life it is a bit slower and not stealthy.
4. France's rafale, operating in naval and ground tarmac versions is not as fast as the f-35 or f-22 but is also extremely maneuverable.

Boeing (now manufacturer of the mark) has developed a "Silent Eagle" a partially stealthy and carries a superior ordinance package. The Koreans decided NOT to by the Silent Eagle, bt Australia should be interested in te Silent Eagle as their main beef about the JSF is the light bomb/ordinance load.

I will post pictures when I can get them and hope they can be posted in the same manner as in previous forums.

The Russian Northern (Baltic) Fleet is deployed now off the British Coast, but in international waters, it is a similar phenomenon to their long range bombers probing western defences. Pictures of it are shown else on line. The Sovremenny, Udaloy classes were extremely effective and it looked like a "Moskva Class" helicopter class carrier was also deployed.

Well, it is like the "Land for Peace" dream in the Middle East and four wars, if , as Sen. Charles Wilson said "We screwed up the end game". This will reoccur when US and UK and Canadian troops deployed in Afghanistan are withdrawn on schedule. Then the Afghan army will be on its own, and we have seen what happened to Iraq when put in this position. The second war was well fought, but I sorrow over the lost soldiers, and those to follow in the fight against ISAL.

India concerns me. They have now made a military cooperation agreement and agreements to buy arms both from Russia and China. There is no good news for us their. When I talked to my friend in India he said tht "our prices were to high". Given Chinese and Russian territorial interest in Indian territory in the past, this does not seem sound.

This is probably a reaction to monotheistic Pakistan's long standing enmity with the Polytheistic India. Much of the mutual enmity is therefore partially based on Religion. Pakistan is OUR ally (ehhh well ort of, at least on paper, and of course the friend of my enemy is my enemy" to rephrase the old saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend)

Believe it or not, despite the fact that Herbert Hoovers humanitarian efforts with saved 20 million Russians from starvation in the time between WWI and WWII and our alliance with Russia.

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