The Military ofr the World's Changing Face

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The Military ofr the World's Changing Face

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:14 am

So Many things are happening in the notices and the reports that pass infront of me that it is almost overwhelming, are you aware of any of the following:

1.A French Submarine "Saphir" 'sunk" the Theodore Roosvevelt in a joint naval exercise. This is not altogether unusual, the "Nautilus" when it was new (ssn-571) confounded althe the escorts of various carrier groups in excercises. New Technology in submarines often create results that carrier admirals don't want to here. In response it is hoped that the Virginia class submarines, launched to replace the canceled Seawolf class, when acting as an escort, and replacing aging Los Angeles Class Boats (old boats get noisy friends) to act in many roles.
2.A Hydrogen celled coastal defence sub operated by Germany has not only the endurance and silnce of the Los Angeles Class, obviously, without the problems associated with nuclear power.
3. The Indian Army has upwards of 450,000 troop to keep things under control in Kashmir. Now I must say that this is a lot of feet on the ground, and ind past years and past months, India and China (while the Russians and Chinese have aid contracts with India) and the next arms races may take place in the Pacific Rim as prophesying by many a Pundit. Japan, meanwhile, allegedly, has two small carriers building. While the former Soviet Super Carrier bought by the Chinese may never go so sea under its own power again, the Chinese have learned a great deal about the art of building them, and we may see Chinese Aircraft Carriers in service in the coming decade, joining an ever larger group of nations that plan to operate them, including the UK's 'Large Conventional" carrier (name unknown to me but I would bet on a Queen's name). So 30 years after the Brits were shown how difficult it is to maintain ground operations in theaters that do not have usable airfields. I suppose they will learn the lesson of the vulnerability of carriers in the worlds smaller seas. Even in the vast pacific, satellite surveillance has made a CG much harder to hide.
4. That the Chinese are building and actual man made island in the Spratlys, and island chain claimed by the Phillipines, Japan and China. Who do you think my bet's on (partial hint: not the Filipinos).
5. That Vladimir Putin is standing in the old buidling blocks of a stricken former Empire. Who Else stood in a scarily similar position in 1933? Adolph Hitler is the nearest historical figure to fit the situations Putin is in. Why do we think he will simply stop regathering its lost children with the Crimea and maybe pieces of the Ukraine. Belorussia has not missed the Paralelll.
6. The that NKRP launched multiple Missiles, perhaps of an improved scud type, into the sea near South Korea. The South Korean Defence force is a large and motivated entitly, but Seoul is only 50 klicks from a mad dictator who sits now with the nuclear claws with which the US used to control the peace. Now what?
7. Does anyone reading this know the names of any carriers outside of those operated by the US??
8. New acronym: SDTDBP (Single dumbest thing done by a president in wartime) Letting the Taliban know when we were leaving. If the Talis did not have such combative natures, they problabably could just have sat back and waited the war out. The enemies of the US and Britain may take a liking to the 2 huge fully functioning AIirbases in that part of the World : Bagram and I am sorry to say I forget the name of the one built by the Brits. Well, go one Netflix and watch: "Resptropo" "Korengal, On the Front Line, Camp leatherneck and a few others in the Genre that will at least keep you up to date on the War that had an expiration date given by Presidenmt Obama himself.
9> Did anybody, especially the Israeliis (and you can bet the did ) know that Jordan had a capable airforce and some of the best special forces in the world. Sure, the plane shot down was not a new block 52 F-16, but an F-16 (except, perhaps, under Obama) is not something the Israelis would have taking without some loud discussions. A force of F-16's did, if you recall, detsroy the Iraqi Reactor at Osirak befoe Desert Stom. It could penetrate Israeli airspace to Tel Aviv in abount a minute and a half, more or less.

I am fatigued and scared. How about some off you dudes filling in some blanks for me.

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