Those funny numbers in posts...

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Those funny numbers in posts...

Postby Greg » Mon Jun 09, 2003 4:36 am


Tried PMing the below to you, but I suspect it didn't go through. Any idea why when I hit the 'send' button it goes into my 'out' box but not my 'sent' box...?

Although this may have been addressed somewhere on the forum, I'm still having problems with odd numbers and text popping up in posts. This seems to be due to composing in, and then pasting from, MS Word. The symbols from a word document such as quotation marks, apostrophies, or elipses that word 'autocorrects' (i.e. the quotes are changed to 'smart quotes' the elipses are changed somehow as well), seem to be what's causing the problem. Any idea of a fix?

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