Make your writing look more appetizing

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Make your writing look more appetizing

Postby tigereye » Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:31 pm

Writing well is important, but dressing up your writing is also important.

I recently noticed there are some members who have difficulties to quote the previous post.
There are easy ways you can quote text: with a reference or without.

When you click the Quote button to add your own comments, you will see that the text of the
selected comment is added to the message window between a [quote=] and [/quote] block.
This way you can quote with a reference.
For example,
to quote a piece of text Tigereye wrote:

[quote= "Tigereye"]

The text wrote by Tigereye go here


It will appear as bellow:

Tigereye wrote: The text wrote by Tigereye go here

You can delete the text you don't need in the quote but be sure you are not removing the [quote=] and [/quote] block.
Than you write your own comment.

Another method is to make pairs of open quote tag and closed quote tag.

Copy the text you prefer to quote and paste it between the quote tags. [quote=] and [/quote]

See example bellow:

I believe I can fly.....

... your comment

Click "Preview Post" to see how your text looks like and make correction if necessary.
Even your post already submited you are still able to edit it by clicking the "edit" button.[/b]
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Thanks Eva

Postby gmattson » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:01 am

For the tips.
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