Lecture X -- Refining the Applications Main Drivers

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Lecture X -- Refining the Applications Main Drivers

Postby Allen M. » Thu Dec 27, 2001 8:48 am

<center><font color=green>Lecture X -- Refining the Applications Main Drivers</font>

Lecture X has been sent out, and I've completed Lecture XV Wednesday evening.

I'm envisioning running out of things to write about on C Image and by the end of January I can wrap everything up unless I want to do a short series on pointers (although maybe notish, pointers are tough Image and can be pointless for beginners) getting into advanced C topics.

Lecture XI through and including Lecture XIV is on debugging
Lecture XV Regrouping
Lectures yyy will be on Disk IO, whatever I’ve glossed/missed I consider pertinent, and the completion of things started.

Possible continuances of this course, and crossing the bridge when we get to it, are:

1) Pointers
2) Win32 system operations (Control your computer)
3) C++ (focusing on objects and STL)
4) Windows programming (Write an application focusing on MDI and MFC).


Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera
Allen M.

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