Lecture XI/bmfp for mid-semester fun

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Lecture XI/bmfp for mid-semester fun

Postby Deep Sea » Fri Dec 28, 2001 12:04 am

<center><font color=green> Lecture XI/bmfp for mid-semester fun </font> </center>
The next group of lectures is going to be mental twisters as they embark on etymology. We’re about halfway through the C course, give or take a few and I’m beat learning all this new theory and I don’t even have a fully functioning application -- yet. I want to have some programming fun. You know, enjoy the fruits of my newfound knowledge. So I sketched out a calculator on paper in earlier this evening just to see how easy it could be. BTW, this is exactly how I pseudocode all my designs in advance, both here and professionally too. Yup! I’ve just revealed one of the major secrets of a 20-year software veteran.

This application will be the most advanced, using professional techniques, as well as the simplest and shortest to code up. It will also provide you with a review before I present the original material (Huh?). Actually, I wrote complete descriptions about what’s going on behind the scenes in Lectures VI through XV, so I’ll skim across a lot of stuff in this application just to get you up and running faster with one complete app. If I get back early enough tonight, I'll write it up and send it off else sometime tomorrow.

BTW, bmfp stands for Break for a Mid-semester Fun Project


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