Deep Sea -- Ringing in the New Year

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Deep Sea -- Ringing in the New Year

Postby Deep Sea » Mon Dec 31, 2001 10:04 am

Ringing in the New Year

<LI>Lectures XII through XVII comprise and complete the debugging series. This series is fruitful, and fun as well.

<LI>Lectures XVIII plus a few will demonstrate file input/output and touch upon C's infamous pointers and dynamic memory allocation. I just woke up knowing how to do lay out the instructions for you. There’ll be a database application which will exercise the new topics plus make use of the separate library modules which you have built along the way. A good cabin fever diversion for those who are snowed in during the winter months.

<LI>Lectures Xmmm through Xnnn will find you developing your checkbook application to completion.

<LI>If y'all all can C by then it’ll be prime time to start C++. I suspect your C knowledge will be considerable, robust enough so that you can start with a project, maybe a karate database, and carry that single project to completion using many of the features of C++ including developing with the new STL to make life at C++ simple.

<LI>Then, if we all are still up to it, you will convert the above C++ application into a real Window application complete with a windows menu system, dialogue boxes and list boxes, standard widgets and doodads.

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