On the Other Side of the C

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On the Other Side of the C

Postby Deep Sea » Sun Feb 24, 2002 11:17 am

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C Shored

I've finished what I wanted to do in C, have two students who completed the material, both engineers, two others who “took a sabbatical” about 1/2 to 3/4 the way through and wish to restart in a few weeks, and several others who decided not to continue early in the course.

In retrospect I could/should have made the course easier and simpler but at the time I was writing it and at the speed I was compiling lectures, I thought it was easy and simple. It was and wasn't.

Starting C++

I propose to start the C++ segment sometime in March, only this time keep it real simple using very short example programs, short enough publish them right here instead of individually via email. First with very elementary C++, then STL, and then Visual C++. The intent is to have NO class project. I'll also review C material as appropriate.

I plan on conducting the C++ lectures "open-forum" style so that anyone can join in, quit, restart, add-to, comment, question, etc. on this forum at anytime without "registering" for class. Take what you want out of it and ask questions when and if stuck.

No one needs to do or turn in an assignment. My current thoughts are that if I keep the code small enough to publish on this forum I can answer all the questions here without needing to conduct a number of separate classes off-line.

Required. My thoughts are that minimal knowledge about C, about the Visual C++ compiler, and/or a UNIX compiler -- and have access to one -- is probably all that will be required.

The purchase of a book is not required for the C++ course. I found one outstanding book on the internet, available for the price of the time it takes to download it onto your computer.

Final Comments

Most, including myself have tight time schedules, and class projects have a way of turning into a quagmire (taking a lot of time to develop, administer, learn, revise, students' difficulties. etc.). If anyone is interested in doing a class project AFTER I finish the C++ course, then will be the time to discuss it, but not before. Program structure of any more than one or two files can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming to someone not used to it.

If I have GEM’s blessings to do this on this forum plus indications that anyone is interested in pursuing such a venture, the March winds will blow this course in.

Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera
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Deep Sea
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On the Other Side of the C

Postby Rik » Tue Feb 26, 2002 12:11 pm

Hi Allen,

I would like to continue with the C++ section of the course if that's possible.

The new format sounds much more flexible and will hopefully be less work for you to run. I did like the old 'lecture note' style but I dread to think how long these lessons took to prepare.

If I'm not jumping the gun is there any chance you could post a link for the recommended book?


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On the Other Side of the C

Postby Allen M. » Wed Feb 27, 2002 2:38 am

Thanks for the feedback, Rik, I appreciate it.

Because I covered so much ground so fast and got deeper into the guts of building a "real" application then I originally set out to do, the notes were absolutely necessary.

I'm going to use the KISS principle and those who followed my C course will find this one a snap.

I'll review C here, whenever requested and whenever necessary.

If you are going to go out and purchase a C++ book, I'd recommend The C++ book in Schaum's Outline series.

The beginning C++ books that I have are the best, but they are out of print, replaced by books full of filler and baffle you with bullsh!t.

However, I did some research today, and one out-of-print-but-available title caught my eye on Amazon.com, just right for karateka, and it's called "Black Belt C++"

I'd buy it just for the title. You can find it listed on

Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera
Allen M.

On the Other Side of the C

Postby Allen M. » Wed Feb 27, 2002 2:51 am

BTW, Rik.

I'm not going to release the specified link until class starts because he has several books and I'm not sure which one I'll use as a reference.

But if you want to get ahead of me a little, read-up on classes because that's where I'll start and feel free to start asking questions anytime.

What they are, how to use them, what to put into them, and how to put the what into them, private, protected, and public will be what my first lecture will be all about. Real simple and short and I will be referring a lot to the free online book to point you to the details.

Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera
Allen M.

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