Living in Modem Times

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Living in Modem Times

Postby Allen M. » Sun Mar 24, 2002 8:28 pm

Well, well.

I just dumped AT & T cable modem for a good old-fashioned telephone-line modem.

The speed difference is quite impressive, especially that this one does 33K baud.

I did it for several reasons:

1) Paying for college tuition, dormotories, etc. for two kids at the same time requires a little economization.

2) I get on for a little each night, but not enough to justify the expense.

3) Loverly AT&T changed things around again which caused me to think if I really needed their service.

4) Think someone was able to get through my firewall. No proof, just a hunch, especially when I discovered Norton's anti-virus and Norton's firewall dropped off the tray and were turned off.

The slower speed is not so bad, really. Although self-inflicted it is not painful and doesn't leave a scar. I've got a faster modem lying around the house somewhere.

Today is the 28th.

I noticed without high speed access to jump from site-to-site like a butterfly floats from flower-to-flower the internet has become a very booring place to be.

Allen Moulton from Uechi-ryu Etcetera<font color=white>

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Allen M.

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