Help with my website guestbook

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Help with my website guestbook

Postby Raffi Derderian » Tue Jul 09, 2002 3:33 pm

Hi all,
Well, I have been getting some nasty little messages on my guestbook lately. They are easy enough to delete but it is getting annoying. Is there any way to track the person who is doing it. I know it is an ex-student but I'd really like to send him an e mail to tell him I know it is him and he can stop now. The biggest problem with the internet is that complete pussys can grow balls (or think they have grow them) and act tough. If I could smoke him out he would **** his pants and stop as all of these pussies do.
Maybe I should use a different type of guestbook. Any suggestions? The one I use now I just got years ago from aol.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Raffi Derderian
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