We've been “duped”

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We've been “duped”

Postby Deep Sea » Sun Feb 02, 2003 2:50 am

We've been “duped”

I often wonder PCs have to be as large as they are. This afternoon at getting my first look at the inside of a laptop (I really ripped this one, a Presario, apart) the wonderment simply intensifies. Everything is so small and compact and well-placed in a laptop.

What's wrong with making a powerful PC, the size of a laptop, without the monitor and keyboard? And sans mouse too.

Weve been duped for multiple reasons:

1) PCs can be much smaller
2) The price of a laptop is a ripoff.

BTW, Alan, I installed Word2000 with SR-2 on this machine again and wrote the first line in Word and then copied and pasted into this document.

Still looks good here.
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