George & The Donkey

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George & The Donkey

Postby T W Armstrong » Tue Dec 06, 2005 6:07 am

George & The Donkey!!

A city boy, George, moved to the country and bought a donkey
from an old farmer for $100.00.

The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day.
The next day the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry son,
but I have some bad news, the donkey died."
George replied, "Well then, just give me my money back."

The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."
George said, "OK then, just unload the donkey. "

The farmer asked, "What ya gonna do with him?"
George, "I'm going to raffle him off."
Farmer, " You can't raffle off a dead donkey!"

George, "Sure I can. Watch me. I just won't tell anybody he is dead."

A month later the farmer met up with Paul and asked,
"What happened with that dead donkey?"

George, "I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at two dollars a
piece and made a profit of $898.00." Farmer, "Didn't anyone

George, " Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two dollars back."

NOTE: George grew up and eventually became the head of a large karate organization. He is now retired in Florida and divides his time between playing golf and selling raffle tickets.

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T W Armstrong

Postby gmattson » Tue Dec 06, 2005 12:57 pm

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