Training tips?

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Training tips?

Postby gmattson » Thu Apr 13, 2000 7:35 pm

In traing
Monday, 03-Apr-2000 23:52:05 writes:

Hi ppl . Started traing 4 a tournament any ideas or tip. emall if you do
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Postby W.J.C. » Thu Jul 24, 2003 8:52 pm

One succesful sparring exercise I've had in prepping my students for upcoming tournaments is this. . . . .

One student stays in the ring. All other students line up outside of it.
Each contender spars the student in the ring for 5-10 secounds giving the "ring defender" a chance to experience everyones explosive first combinations. No pause between contenders. When I say stop, one contender leaves. When I say go the new contender immediately begins.

The "ring defender" gets an exciting workout and a chance to spar everyone in the room.

When the "ring defender" has sparred everyone in the room. The next person in line becomes the new "ring defender".
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Good drill...

Postby robb buckland » Sun Sep 21, 2008 3:17 pm

This drill mirrors an MMA exercise called "the shark tank". 8) .the fighters at my buddy Tony Fryklunds' school (The Militich Academy) in Vegas do this as part of a weekly regimine :D try changing the duration of the fighting intervals . :wink: In JLFS at the blackbelt test a canidate must spar 3-3minute rounds with 1 minute rest intervals .Each round against a fresh fighter(wearing 16 oz gloves )...... 8O
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