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Postby Art Rabesa » Sun Aug 24, 2014 2:14 pm

Hi Megan. I thought about posting my thoughts on your forum, and then I thought some more. I read many of the posts on this "women in the martial arts" topic. I have come to the simple conclusion that it is being over thought. Discussing a topic is one thing. Over thinking it is another. Here goes. ------ I have had many female students over all these years. They trained along side the male students. I taught uechi ryu to the students before me. Nothing took me off track in what I taught. It is what it is. Dojo respect was an ongoing thing in class. I wanted all students to help each other. I did not tolerate disrespect . My senior students knew that aiding dojo mates was an important part of their training. If a male student got a little to strong with his female partner, he would find me as his new partner. Nothing was said. It is what it is. I had female black belts that were a major part of the dojo. They held a lot of respect around the uechi ryu family. I wasn't the easiest teacher you know. SO "Women and the Martial Arts". I'm all for it. I had female black belts that were pretty and would get the attention of all the guys when they walked by. These same females could also put a hole in any guy that wasn't respectful. I hope some of my female students see this and post something on this topic. I hope my comments helped a little here. -------Happy Trails ---------Art Rabesa
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