Vertical fist in Uechi-Ryu?


Vertical fist in Uechi-Ryu?

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Hello Bill.

Sorry I missed your question before my last repost. Tae-bo has been around for a while and there have been several commentaries, etc. on it on TV. However, last week in the Boston Globe did they have a big spread and a big pix of an attractive group doing Tae-bo. They are pushing this aerobic in Boston and the burbs trying to make it catch on. I'm thinking that, maybe, in some circle regular aerobics is getting stale and loosing it's appeal so marketing is coming up with 'new' ideas'; Tae-bo being one of them. Again my thoughts: Anything to make money.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is a great form of exercise and if I had my legs (figurative, they are still hanging there), I would sign up for at least a month or two because it looks like a lot of good fun (100 side kicks to disco...). But when it is promoted as a martial art, it is time to get off the boat; that's my aggrivation.


Uechika. I love it. May I plagerize this word in my own forum? This is good!
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