Hello from NS, Canada

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Hello from NS, Canada

Postby Russell Bernard » Fri Mar 16, 2007 4:15 pm

Hello everyone,
Just introducing myself ... My name Russell Bernard, age 32 and I live in Truro, NS.
I will apologize in advance as I haven't studied Uechi in over 20 years and most of what I've learned has been forgotten. But that's why I'm here ... to learn.

When I was 6 yrs old my uncle Jake (you all know him as Sensei Jim Maloney) opened a dojo at the Sportsplex in Dartmouth, NS.
At this time he wouldn't let someone my age join but being his nephew and with a little convincing from mom ... I was in. I remember I was so happy cause I wanted to be a ninja ... you know like the movies ... also I could beat up those bullies that picked on me in school. Ofcourse uncle set me straight pretty quick what his rules were about fighting.
I studied Uechi there till I was 11yrs and received my brown belt during this time ... I believe I could've had my black belt but because of my age and getting in trouble (fighting) ... uncle said he wouldn't test me ... and I completely understand now ofcourse.
I then moved to Truro, NS and starting studying Shotokan with twin bothers (Sensei Mario and Sensei Mark) for about a year ... with my past experience they advanced me quickly through the early stages and I received my blue belt within 9 months.
I then had to move once again and I started studying Shito-ryu in Nine Mile River, NS for about 2yrs and received a brown belt ... once again advancing quickly because of prior experience.

This leads me to the present ... I have always wanted to receive my black belt ... I have put it off too long. And now that I have a 1yr old son that gives me even more incentive to do so ... so I can one day teach him.

With Sensei Maloney having a dojo and teaching here in Nova Scotia once again ... I couldn't think of any reason why I wouldn't take this time and study with someone as well respected as him.
I see and talk to Sensei Maloney on a daily basis and he referred me to this site and how people like Sensei Mattson, Canna and Glasheen can help me advance.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to furture discussions.

Russell Bernard
Russell Bernard
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