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Postby Jimbob » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:21 pm

Hello, I am jimbob. I was introduced to konanryu karate in 2008 by one of my kobudo teachers, Mr. Yogi. I originally started in isshinryu karate in 1968,in NY. But became disappointed. So when I had the opportunity to train with sensei Yogi, I jumped! I was a marine service man in Okinawa 1976-1978 and have returned 17 times for visiting my expat friends and local friends and martial arts training. I plan on returning this November for more lessons. I'm now living in Lakeland florida, having retired and left NY. I train alone. The visits to the island supply me with more than enough info to keep me going until my next trip. Usually I stay for one month. I'm satisfied with what sensei Yogi is feeding me and he is very patient and is glad to see me return. He also is my Kobudo teacher.
He has a small group that trains at the Budokan 3x a week and me and him put in 2 additional days with our karate activity. Yours truly, jimbob
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