Breaking the pattern for Uechi-ryu

Breaking the pattern for Uechi-ryu

Postby Raffi Derderian » Thu Sep 11, 2003 12:10 pm

Hi all,
I was working with my Uechi students the other night on something and I was curious to see if others do it as well.
In Kali, we have "patterns" for the sole purpose of breaking the patterns. If you've ever taken one of my Kali seminars you'd know what I meant. Over the years I have applied this concept to our pre arranged kumite in different ways.
What I had them playing with the other night was to "break the pattern" of kyu kumite. Now please, please, please (that's 3 pleases) lets not make this a debate over whether prearranged is good or not. We have enough of those debates and they never get settled.
Take point 1 for example. It is left lead vs. left lead. The attacker throws a right and left punch. Defender makes a right and left inside block. Now, the first and easiest variation is to do is reverse. Both are in right leads and the attacker throws a left and right punch. The defender responds with the opposite defense of a left, right, block and left punch. Usually this is not hard. Now it can get tricky.
Try it now with the attacker in a right lead. The defender is in a left. The attacker does the "opposite" attack of left-right punch. The defender does the same defense as if the attacker were in a left(not opposite). Now the defenders right and left blocks are on the inside and the counter attack is a right punch to the sternum. The defender is doing the same thing as always but the target has changed.
The first point is the easiest and actually is similar to one of the points in Yakusoku kumite. However, as you go through kyu 2-5, it gets weirder.
Anyone doing anything like this? What do you all think? I have lots of people who train with me want "more, more, more". More isn't always better. Yes, there is always another stick pattern to learn. They are infinite. But I have always felt it is better to sacrifice "more stuff" for more depth in what you DO know.
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Light bulbs go on!

Postby gmattson » Thu Sep 11, 2003 2:16 pm

Hey Raf... the variation you mention is one which we practice all the time... the defender reacts with a "flinch" type block and depending on which punch (or kick) gets thrown will determine which move gets used after the "flinch". An inside block (number 2) An outside block (number 1)

This random attack helps the student understand that he/she really doesn't have much control over a surprise attack. You "flinch" with some kind of deflecting (hopefully) movement. The second attack, if it follows seamlessly, can be dealt with a more controlled and effective move.

Of course, learning the kyu and dan kumite helps and practicing it is real important. For reference, see Tony Blauer's video on "flinch" reactions.
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